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Simply put: To access the community of industry professionals facing the same issues, to collaborate in developing risk mitigation strategies and finding solutions to common challenges, and to learn from each other. Optimizing payments and fighting fraud don’t happen when operating in silos, and the MRC works hard to eliminate them.


When you join the MRC, you open the door to a dynamic community of professionals shaping the future of payments and fraud prevention and working toward safe and profitable eCommerce. The power of MRC membership lies in staying connected, current, and empowered to influence and transform the industry.


Our thriving community welcomes merchants, solution providers, issuers, law enforcement, card brands, and other ancillary companies who all work together to drive progress in the eCommerce ecosystem.


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Table exercise:

1. Add:  John Doe, United States, Hawaii, Certificant #999999999, Expiry Date: of 31 July 2030

2. Remove: Nicole Breitenbach


First Name Last Name Country State Certificant # Expiry Date 
Chris Adams United Kingdom
2022072901 31 August 2025
Eva Alvarez United States New Jersey 2022060301 30 September 2025
Catherine Atkinson Canada British Columbia 2023020801 28 February 2026
Alec Bynum United States Virginia 2022072601 31 August 2025
Joe Carina United States California 2022072101 31 August 2025
Joe Carlin United States Ohio 2022060701 31 July 2025
John Doe United States Hawaii 9999999999 31 July 2030
Chloee Daulle Switzerland
2022053102 31 July 2025
Lynne Davidson United States Illinois 2022080501 31 August 2025
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