The Power of Progressive Profiling, Presented by CAF

24 Jul, 2024
1:00pm London (1 hour)


In a digital world where businesses need to strike the right balance between maintaining a good user experience and seamless onboarding process while fighting fraud and being compliant, the need for progressive profiling is paramount. This strategy involves incrementally collecting information from users as needed, only requesting detailed information as necessary.

Progressive profiling enables a better customer experience, due to its streamlined approach to collecting user information, thus leading to less abandonment and quicker time to revenue.

It is also conducive to greater regulatory compliance. By collecting only the necessary information required for specific transactions or interactions, businesses can minimize the amount of sensitive data stored, reducing the risk of non-compliance with privacy laws. Additionally, progressive profiling allows users to control the information they share, enhancing transparency and accountability in data processing practices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how progressive profiling enhances customer data collection and insights in the KYB process
  • Hear actionable insights into how good KYB drives revenues and improves CX
  • How to detect and stop fraud in the business client on-boarding process


Headshot of Jason Howard
Jason Howard CEO Caf
Headshot of  Emma Lindley
Emma Lindley Managing Director CAF
Headshot of  Holly Sandberg.
Holly Sandberg Director, Trust and Safety Reverb
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