MRC Conferences and Events

The leading organization for eCommerce fraud and payments events

The MRC is known for connecting professionals through conferences and events. With 20 years of production experience, the MRC hosts multiple-day, annual conferences in the US and Europe as well as smaller, regional networking events. With the attending audience in mind, we tailor the content and activities to each individual meetup for an optimal experience. See our different initiatives below.

MRC Annual Conferences

MRC Connects Events
We offer 4 annual conventions, each spanning 3+ days.

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Typically lasting an afternoon, these events are free to attend.

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MRC Women in Payments & Fraud

MRC Merchant Exclusive events
Focused on workplace equality, these events are hosted at our annual conferences and independently throughout the year.

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Open just to eCommerce merchants, these events focus on data sharing and problem solving.

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MRC Event Sponsorship Opportunities