May 06, 2022

WhenThen’s new A/B testing feature finds the best payment route for success to unlock new revenue potential

by WhenThen

WhenThen's no-code payments platform launched an A/B testing feature to help users find the best payment routes that will deliver the highest payment success outcome.

Through the A/B testing feature, users can direct payments through different flows that may feature different components, partners, and experiences to measure how each payment flow performs. Using this feature, users can learn which payment flow “formula” gives them the best payment outcome.

The A/B Testing feature can measure the following payment outcomes:

  • Payment Acceptance / Decline Rate
  • Checkout Conversion Rate
  • Time to complete the transaction

Users can run experiments to see how different PSPs, fraud providers, and checkout options will perform on the above results.

What makes this feature so powerful is that it doesn’t require any development effort to build and run. Users can simply drag and drop, and configure their A/B test flows in WhenThen’s no-code canvas.

“This A/B testing feature is something I wish we had when advising some of the largest e-commerce companies during my time at Google. It allows Merchants to objectively measure and compare two payment processing paths and determine which one results in the higher payment success. You can now definitively answer questions like: which PSP provides the highest conversion? And, what impact do fraud providers and 3DS have on your business? In doing so, A/B testing payment flows allows a merchant to iterate to the best possible payment outcomes for their business” - Senan Geraghty, Head of Advisory at WhenThen

With decades of experience in payments, the WhenThen team understands how a modern, flexible and sophisticated payments operations program translates directly to your bottom line within significantly less time. In the case of SMBs where engineering resources are scarce, WhenThen helps provide access to an enterprise-level payment function without the pain of building an internal payments team or deprioritizing core projects.