July Merchant Spotlight: OpenTable


June 29, 2016

Robbie Fritts, Manager Payment Ops and Fraud OpenTable

What consumer benefits do you offer that set you apart from your competitors?

OpenTable is constantly innovating and ultimately improving the dining experience. We are currently scaling an innovative new payments experience in a few select markets, called OpenTable Tab. Diners opt-in to the service when making their reservation by adding their payment details, and are seamlessly charged at the conclusion of their meal. With OpenTable Tab, you never part with your credit card, and your full card number will not be shared with the restaurant. Tokenization is leading to a safer payments ecosystem, and OpenTable is becoming a part of that.

What processes do you have in place that protect against fraud?

OpenTable leverages cutting edge technology to detect and prevent fraud. We leverage Machine Learning technology, use dynamic SMS text verification and have implemented other best in class principles. Each transaction is analyzed and scored in real time, so we take a proactive and preventative approach to fraud.

How do you benefit from MRC membership? What MRC resources do you rely on?

The MRC has been a great asset for the fraud team at OpenTable. We consistently attend the Annual Conferences and have built a very strong network of people to learn from. We also leverage the MRC's Community Forums, which act as a great resource to share insights and best practices. If I have a question, or if I am curious about a new solution, I typically think of the MRC as my first resource.

Operating in eCommerce hospitality technology, what are your strengths?

OpenTable continues to empower great dining experiences, and has been a leader in the space for many years now. We understand our customers, and we invest in both sides of the dining network (Diners and Restaurants). The new OpenTable Tab product is just one example of many innovations that have value to both Diners and Restaurants. At OpenTable, we continue to reinvent ourselves and realize the marketplace is constantly evolving. We also understand that technology shouldn't get in the way of a good dining experience, and it should be used smartly to enhance the best experience possible.

According to your website, nearly half of your customers book through mobile devices. What challenges have you seen with mobile fraud and how do you combat it?

Mobile does present unique challenges, but it provides unique opportunities too. The increased adoption of smartphone technology gives people the opportunity to authenticate themselves in unique ways, like biometrics. As an example, users who register for the OpenTable Tab product can authenticate themselves via Apple Pay, Android Pay or via dynamic SMS verification if they add a credit card. Mobile and payment companies are creating technologies that enable streamlined authentication, which ultimately benefits everyone in the payments ecosystem.