September Member Spotlight: Pipl


August 30, 2016

Billy Attar, Director of Marketing
Brian Perks, Chief Revenue Officer Pipl

What consumer benefits do you offer that set you apart from your competitors?

We're the only identity data provider that can take almost any piece of a person's data, like a name, email, phone, address or social handle and return complete identity information about the person -- covering contact info, social profiles, demographics and professional information. We're also global with coverage on over 2 billion people worldwide.

What processes do you have in place that protect against fraud or identity theft?

We simply integrate our People Data API into any anti-fraud or checkout platform and once a customer completes a purchase:

  1. The customer's submitted information is compared to the information found in our 20+ billion records.
  2. We verify that the name, email, phone, etc. all belong to the same person based on our records.
  3. We check the age of the submitted information -- ex: the email address submitted has been in use for 10 years. This is a good way to see how risky a customer is.
  4. We search our records for more information about the customer to assess the customer's riskiness -- information such as the customer's social profiles, associates, job, age, etc.
All of this is done automatically by our API within milliseconds.

What is the most common type of attempted online fraud you see at Pipl?

New account opening fraud is a very common one we're used to fighting against. In these cases, third-party information about the customer, like ours, goes a long way in verifying the customer's information and assessing risk. This is especially true for international and cross-border purchases and a useful way to reduce false positives.

How do you benefit from MRC membership? What MRC resources do you rely on?

The networking opportunities are really useful. MRC is such an important organization and you can't really have face-to-face conversations with the biggest players in the industry without the MRC and its events. The communities are a great resource. There is a lot of knowledge to be gained from MRC members and this is a great place to find it.

How do you ensure that the customer data you offer isn't being used fraudulently?

We review every one of our new users as they sign up. We do so using our own data. If we can't find any information about the user and the user can't supply any information as well, we won't allow them access to our API.

According to your website, your business is relatively young, about 10 years old. What are the challenges and opportunities alike you experience as a growing company?

The main challenge is just keeping up the pace of our growth. As we get more and more customers, we have to keep growing to meet their needs -- and as a result, we keep outgrowing our offices. There are plenty of opportunities as well and we feel like we're just scratching the surface. We've already begun working with some of the largest platforms out there and the feedback has been absolutely great.

Find more information on Pipl here.