Fraud and Abuse Trends 2017


January 30, 2017

Sift Science surveyed online businesses to understand more about what is on fraud-fighters' minds, what they are most concerned about, what types of attacks they are seeing, where they are focusing their efforts and how they are adapting their strategy. They heard from more than 200 online businesses actively fighting fraud and abuse. Sift Science found:

48% of companies saw account takeover rise in 2016
91% of companies plan to spend the same or more on preventing fraud and abuse in 2017
86% of people expect to see the same or more fraud and abuse in 2017
77% of companies are most worried about losing money to fraud
70% of companies plan to automate more fraud/abuse management in 2017

Check out the full infographic conveying these results here. For more information, visit Sift Science.

Sift Science Fraud-Fighting Trends 2017