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Fingerprinting 101, Part 2

February 10, 2021

In the first part of "Fingerprinting 101" we answered a few common questions about this technique. In this post, we will dig in a little deeper into the details.

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Fingerprinting 101

February 02, 2021

A fingerprint is commonly used in anti-fraud payment systems of the card-not-present type. Have you ever wondered why the spinning circle appears when you attempt to pay by card online? User fingerprinting is one of the reasons for this popular feature.

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Issuer Decline Response Codes -- Preparing for Network Changes to Effectively Retry and Improve Authorization Processes

January 21, 2021

No one likes declined card transactions -- not online merchants, not consumers, and certainly not issuing banks. There are situations where a decline is a good thing: a compromised card or a customer without available funds, but otherwise declines do not need to happen.

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"Way Back Data" and Five Ways to Detect Synthetic Identities

January 04, 2021

Synthetic identity fraud is currently one of the fastest growing types of financial crime in the United States. Its victims are primarily children and the elderly, whose credit is damaged when their Social Security numbers are stolen to create synthetic identities.

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How to Elevate Your Chargeback Management and Deflect Disputes

December 02, 2020

In a year of firsts, eCommerce has also undergone rapid change. Consumers have flocked to existing digital channels and embraced new ones. But new digital channels bring fraud challenges, including friendly fraud.

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Mobile and Contactless Payments -- How COVID-19 is Changing Payments for Quick-Service Restaurants

November 05, 2020

The adoption of mobile and contactless payments in the food and drink industry has been growing for years now. In 2020, this option went from being a worthwhile investment to a near-necessity for many restaurants.

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COVID-19 Shoppers Seek Secure Experiences Now More Than Ever

September 23, 2020

It is no secret that retail is in the midst of a recalibration brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the way it has changed consumers' habits and thinking.

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2020 Consumers are Driving Change

August 28, 2020

There is an ongoing shift in consumers' behavior and habits, and it is triggering a new commerce paradigm. In this post, BoaCompra by PagSeguro helps merchants understand the change that is taking place and the resulting impact on the market.

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Economic Stimulus Scam

August 27, 2020

It is easy to understand why people are eager to receive federal stimulus payments to assist them during the coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, scammers are eager to collect money, too.

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Fraudsters Making the Most of COVID-19

August 24, 2020

Fraud, at its core, is an opportunistic endeavor; scammers are always shifting their activities in response to consumer demand and online traffic trends. And just like legal businesses, different underground activities are being affected by the novel coronavirus in different ways.

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