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The ABCs of Online Customer Authentication

Using customer authentication as part of a manual review process can help catch bad transactions and better identify good ones.

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Using a Global Trust Intelligence Network to Stop Account Takeover, Payment Fraud, and Identity Spoofing

Device, identity, and behavior analytics can all be important components in assessing whether an account has been taken over.

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Why Fraud Managers Should Care About Payments

Keurig Green Mountain offers insights on how they approach fraud and payments.

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Winning Strategies for Localizing the Payments Experience

Etsy reviews their launch of direct checkout, detailing four challenges they faced and lessons learned.

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Worldline - Wallets for Merchants

As the use of smartphones proliferates, customers are increasingly turning to mobile wallets to pay for goods and services.

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Changing the Game Plan: Learn how Dick’s Sporting Goods Adapted to Navigate the Impact of Covid-19

The global pandemic impacted almost every facet of eCommerce, with one of the most profound impacts being substantially increased sales volume for many industries. This conversation explores how these industries and companies handled this sudden increase in customers, as well as the subsequent increase in fraud rates.

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