Fraud & Risk

Machine Learning in Action: How Gett Reduced Chargebacks by 80%

Saurabh Bajaj - Feedzai; Navot Oren - Gett


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As online fraud becomes more pervasive, machine learning is being used by a growing number of companies to augment their risk management platforms. In this Solution Spotlight webinar, Feedzai compares and contrasts machine learning with rules-based approaches, sharing insights on use cases where machine learning models are more effective at stopping fraud as well as instances when rules may be a more straightforward approach. Gett, an on-demand mobility company, discusses how they operationalized a machine learning solution and the resulting changes in their key performance indicators (KPIs). Feedzai then offers seven points to consider when adopting a machine learning solution. A detailed Q&A session concludes the webinar.

Slides from this webinar are available here.