The Power of Fresh Data: A Fraud Fighter's Guide to Honeypots, Presented by IPQS

22 May, 2024
12:00pm ET (1 hour)


In this webinar presentation, we'll explore applications of honeypots, traditionally associated with cybersecurity, in the realm of fraud prevention. The focus will be on addressing the rising challenges posed by malicious bot attacks, account takeovers, transaction fraud, and other abuse. The need for fresh and discerning data to distinguish between legitimate users and fraudsters is more critical than ever, especially with the proliferation of spoofing, residential proxies, and easily accessible fraud toolkits fueling attacks on websites.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the pivotal role of trustworthy data signals in effective fraud prevention and the challenges we face in keeping these fresh and reliable.
  • Learn essential tactics to prevent the circumvention of current fraud prevention controls.
  • Explore the effective use of honeypots and traps to enhance fraud prevention measures.


Headshot of Bo Bohannan
Bo Bohannan Global Fraud Investigator Dell
Headshot of Tim Potvin
Tim Potvin Director of Customer Success IPQS
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