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Demonstrate Your Expertise in Payments and Fraud Prevention. Earn CPFPP Credential.

With the ever-evolving payments ecosystem and growing fraud challenges, organizations depend on their payments and fraud prevention teams to keep up with the trends and protect them from fraudsters. 


Certified Payments and Fraud Prevention Professional (CPFPP) credential is the first-ever industry-standard certification. It provides verified proof of expertise for anyone hoping to advance their career in these quickly growing industries. It is a recognition of professional achievement, setting those with the credential apart from those without it.

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Why Get Certified?

Gain instant recognition in the industry as an experienced and knowledgeable payments and fraud prevention professional.
Increase your professional credibility by validating your skills and knowledge in payments and fraud prevention by passing the examination offered by a well-known industry organization.
Get your team on the same page. Ensure your team members and new hires work from the same strong foundation of industry knowledge so you can get more done together.
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Master the latest technological developments, industry concepts, and language necessary to excel and collaborate with payments and risk management teams.

How Does the CPFPP Certification Benefit You?

The job and business markets have become a competitive global environment. Aside from conventional education, a professional certification gives you the advantage of validation from a third party. As a CPFPP, you’ll have the proven ability to:

  • Increase your marketability as a job candidate or entrepreneur
  • Increase your earning power
  • Establish or strengthen your reputation
  • Gain credibility as a subject matter expert
  • Earn respect from professional peers
  • Safeguard your organization from fraudsters and impact your organization’s bottom line

Ready to earn your CPFPP credential? 


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