Exam Tech Requirements

Exam Tech Requirements

Check Your Equipment Readiness Before Taking the Exam

CPFPP exams are administered by ProctorU live online proctoring service. Candidates will be required to download the Guardian browser from ProctorU in order to ensure the exam is secure. Please be sure that the computer used during the exam allows you to download and install third-party software before taking the test. We do not recommend testing on an employer-issued computer due to potential firewall, permissions and security settings that might not be compatible with the ProctorU application.

Review the equipment requirements from ProctorU to ensure you’re using the supported technology.




Internet Connection

Wifi Connection

Wired Connection

PC Users

Windows 10 (Windows 10 S mode is not supported)

Windows 10 (10 S mode is not supported)

Mac Users

MacOS 10.13 (Oldest Still Maintained Version)

MacOS 10.15


more than 2 core CPU
less than 85% CPU Usage

more than 4 core CPU
less than 50% CPU Usage


640x480 resolution

1280x720 resolution

Internet Download Speed

1 Mbps

12 Mbps

Internet Upload Speed

1 Mbps

3 Mbps


4 GB
less than 95% Ram Usage

16 GB
less than 90% Usage

Connectivity Ports

1935, 843, 80, 443, 61613, UDP/TCP

1935, 843, 80, 443, 61613, UDP/TCP

Screen Resolution

1366 x 768

1920 x 1080 and above


Additional Requirements

  • A functioning microphone (some web cameras have them built-in); microphone should not be part of the headphones
  • Headphones are not permitted


Not Supported

  • Google Chromebooks (for Live Proctoring only)
  • Tablets (Nexus, iPad, Tab, Note, etc.)
  • Smartphones
  • Linux operating systems
  • Windows 10 in S mode or Surface RT
  • Connecting from within a virtual machine. You will be asked to reconnect using your host operating system to take your exam
  • Apple Boot Camp
  • Remote Access Software
  • Inactive Version of Windows and Test Builds/Test Mode
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