Communities, Committees, and Affinity Groups

Community Groups, Committees, and Affinity Groups are places for you to get involved with the MRC by networking and participating in the development of the industry. They are the places where industry leaders come together to discuss current and future eCommerce fraud and payments trends, publish the latest in training and education, and pick the content used in determining the agendas for MRC's conferences. These groups are comprised of MRC merchant, solution provider, and industry partner members whose work benefits the MRC and the eCommerce industry as a whole.

Given the popularity of the Committees, MRC has established Community Groups and Affinity Groups to allow more members to participate in discussions while limiting leadership and organization responsibilities to a smaller number of individuals.

The MRC prides itself on offering members the advantages they need to learn and succeed within their sector. MRC Community Groups, Committees, and Affinity Groups include:

U.S. and European Conference Committees
Fraud Community Group
Gamer Safety Alliance
Law Enforcement Community Group
Payments Community Group
Women in Payments and Fraud Community
Affinity Groups -- Subscriptions, Ticketing, and Travel & Tourism