Are Merchants Headed Into The Perfect Financial Storm?, presented by Justt

9 Aug, 2023
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2023 continues be a challenging year for merchants across the board. Join us for an illuminating panel discussion where we'll dissect the escalating threat of chargebacks and fraud affecting businesses today. We'll unravel how these twin perils can disrupt your financial balance and provide you with robust strategies to fortify your defenses and come out on top during these economically-pressing times. Don't miss out on this as we dive deep into the future of merchant financial stability. 

Learning Objectives:

During this presentation, attendees should gain a comprehensive understanding of the current trends and risks related to chargebacks and fraud in the merchant business landscape. They will learn how these threats are evolving, how they can negatively impact a business's financial stability, and the potential for these issues to coalesce into a "perfect financial storm". Moreover, they will be equipped with practical strategies to prevent, manage, and mitigate such risks, thus helping to safeguard their businesses from these costly events. These strategies may include predictive fraud detection, implementing stricter transaction verifications, and refining dispute management processes. By the end of the webinar, participants should have a clearer perspective on the imminent challenges and be better prepared to protect their financial interests. 

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