How Merchants Can Thrive in the Marketplace Economy

18 Oct, 2023
2:00pm Greenwich Time (1 hour)


The marketplace economy and embedded payments have transformed digital commerce. At the click of a button and with minimal friction, and without having to enter and re-enter payment information, customers can buy products and services from merchants or other individuals seamlessly, anywhere in the digital world.

This has added a great deal of convenience to online commerce, but it has also introduced its own set of fraud and cybercrime risks and the need to have strong onboarding and authentication controls in place. Marketplaces platforms that facilitate these transactions also have to have stringent KYB protocols in place in an environment where everyone is a business. At the same time, merchants must ensure they are complying with all relevant payments and data regulations across the globe.

Webinar Highlights

  • Attendees will learn about the pertinent regulatory and data privacy regulations and how to prevent fraud in a marketplace environment.



Emma Lindley
Emma Lindley Managing Director International Expansion CAF
Owen Thomas
Owen Thonas Product Manager CAF
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