Payments Orchestration 201, Presented by Spreedly

2 Aug, 2023
11:00am ET (1 hour)


Payments are central to business growth. Never before have there been more opportunities to drive business objectives through the payments engine. The proliferation of partners, payment methods, and also complexity has continued unabated over the past five years. Payment Orchestration evolved to abstract that complexity without compromising capability. It has kept pace with the sector’s growth, while also expanding the ways it delivers on its commitment to optimize a given payments stack.

Latency, success rates, and features vary widely by gateway across currencies and countries. A multi-provider strategy allows merchants and platforms to mix and match providers to get the performance and transaction results you need in the markets you want. However, Payment Orchestration has also evolved to optimize the vaulting experience while growing the types of partners that can be embedded into a payments platform. 

This session will provide a brief history of Payments Orchestration and insights into how modern Payments Orchestration can be used by organizations to analyze and optimize payments in ways both new and traditional.

Topics will include:

A Diverse Partner Set

Today, Payment Orchestration goes beyond multiple-gateway integrations. Plug-and-play partnerships include 3DS, fraud integrations, reconciliation & reporting, direct-acquirer, and card network capabilities in both a pre-built integration and for organizations that want to bring their own.

A New Generation of Payments Vaulting

Payments vaults have often been thought of as an unglamorous necessity for securing, storing, and transmitting card data. However, this overlooked element of the payments stack can unlock huge value: optimizing a vault for costs and data enrichment while securely storing multiple payment tokens (including network tokens) can transform an organization's capabilities.

Build vs. Buy? Why not both?

End-to-end providers may claim they have it all, but hide misaligned incentives and capabilities that may not scale with the direction of your business. True Payment Orchestration providers allow you to synthesize build and buy components to achieve the optimum ecosystem for your business. And when you want to outsource or bring something in-house, it’s the ideal staging ground.

Webinar Highlights

  • The core difference and definition of payments orchestration and payments optimization
  • Strategies for elevating payment processes to take advantage of revenue optimization opportunities
  • The basics and fundamentals of Payments Orchestration
  • Real-world applications of Payments Orchestration for multiple industries and organization types
  • How smart / intelligent routing of transactions works
  • How network tokenization works



Headshot of Andy McHale
Andy McHale Senior Director of Product Spreedly
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