How Merchants Can Leverage 3DS Data To Optimize Payment Success, Presented by inai

29 May, 2024
1pm London (1 hour)


  • Understand how 3DS frameworks have evolved and how they are impacting authorization rates.
  • Implementation and operational challenges for merchants in establishing the best-in-class payments stack.
  • 3DS and its role in strong authentication versus its limitations in fraud prevention.
  • Gain insights from leading practitioners on best practices and essential factors in build vs buy for payment observability.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain insights into the evolution of 3DS frameworks and their direct influence on authorization rates within payment systems.
  • Understand the challenges merchants face during the implementation and operational phases when aiming to create an optimal payment infrastructure.
  • Learn strategies for effectively balancing fraud prevention tools and robust authentication methods before implementing 3DS while also considering the impact of these strategies on the overall customer experience.
  • Acquire best practices and critical considerations from industry practitioners regarding the decision-making process between building or buying solutions for payment observability, ensuring an informed approach to enhancing payment system monitoring and management.



Headshot of Anta Pattabiraman
Anta Pattabiraman CEO & Co-founder inai
Headshot of Craig Hoyt
Craig Hoyt Solutions Engineering Manager - Global Partnerships Kount, and Equifax Company
Headshot of Vishal Mehta
Vishal Mehta CEO & Founder Mitt Arv
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