MRC San Diego 2024

MRC San Diego 2024

9 - 11 Sep, 2024
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay
1441 Quivira Rd.
San Diego
United States

MRC San Diego, Members-Only Conference

MRC San Diego is a member-only conference for the MRC fraud prevention and payments community. This is an intimate event to network and learn in an environment of open and honest information sharing. Expect expert insights about the latest industry developments and a deep sense of community among MRC members. 

What to Expect?

  • Learn from industry professionals tackling your toughest fraud & payments challenges: Gain valuable insights from experienced professionals as they share their strategies and best practices for combating fraud and optimizing payment processes. Discover innovative approaches to address complex issues and stay ahead of evolving threats.
  • Network with industry peers and discover cutting-edge solutions: Connect with fellow MRC members and industry experts to expand your professional network. Exchange ideas, discuss current trends, and explore potential collaborations. Discover cutting-edge solutions and technologies that can help enhance your fraud prevention and payment strategies.
  • Deep dives into new fraud trends and strategies to protect your business: Delve into in-depth discussions and analysis of emerging fraud trends, tactics, and threats. Explore the latest advancements in fraud prevention technologies and strategies to safeguard your business and customers. Gain actionable insights to stay proactive and adaptive in an ever-changing landscape.
  • Interactive roundtables and workshops: Participate in interactive roundtable discussions and workshops led by industry leaders and subject matter experts. Engage in collaborative problem-solving sessions, share experiences, and learn from real-world case studies. Gain practical knowledge and skills to implement effective fraud prevention and payment strategies within your organization

Who Should Join?

This summit is meticulously curated for members deeply immersed in payments and fraud prevention, including professionals from global merchants, card networks, law enforcement agencies, and solution providers. The MRC San Diego Members-Only Conference provides an intimate setting for industry leaders to intricately explore the nuances of payments and fraud prevention. Secure your spot at this exclusive event to actively participate in discussions, glean insights from seasoned experts, and collectively shape the future of payments and fraud prevention in a trusted environment. Join us in San Diego to chart the course with confidence, exclusively for MRC members.

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