MRC Membership Levels

Membership categories specific to the unique needs of merchants, providers, and partners

Determine which membership level your organization qualifies for based on the information below. Not sure if your company is already a member? View our community of members here.

Solution Providers

Industry Partners

Applies to eCommerce merchants with the goal of preventing fraud, optimizing payment acceptance, and mitigating false positives.

Applies to businesses offering payment, risk management, or security solutions to merchants with the goal of supporting their eCommerce activities.

Applies to law enforcement entities, issuers, and companies offering industry-related ancillary services such as research, education, and advisement with the goal of strengthening partnerships.

Silver - $500

Crystal - $10,000

Law Enforcement - Free

Between $5 million - $50 million in annual payments volume*

Silver Benefits

Start-up businesses under 8 years*

Crystal Benefits

Verifiable Law Enforcement agency or governmental entity specializing in the analysis or prosecution of eCommerce crime*

Law Enforcement Benefits

Platinum - $1,500

Premier - $20,000

Issuers - $1,500

Over $50 million in annual payments volume

Platinum Benefits

Membership benefits applicable to the region of your choice

Premier Benefits

A financial institution that offers one or more branded payment methods to consumers*

Issuer Benefits

Platinum Subsidiary - $750

Signature - $25,000

Ancillary Services - $2,500

Parent company must be an existing MRC Platinum Merchant Member*

Platinum Subsidiary Benefits

Membership benefits applicable globally

Signature Benefits

Companies providing industry-related expertise to merchants, not in-house solutions

Ancillary Services Benefits

Regional Elite - $40,000

Membership only applicable to companies with a representative on an MRC Regional Advisory Board

Regional Elite Benefits

Global Elite - $45,000

Membership only applicable to companies with a representative on the MRC Global Board

Global Elite Benefits

* = Other qualifications may apply

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