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Build or Buy: Finding the Smart Way to Invest in a Payment Engine

Join us on May 12 at 08:00 PDT (17:00 CEST / 16:00 BST / 23:00 SGT)

Lochan Sim, Vice President of Partnership - Merchant Service -- Payoneer

Build or buy? The answer to this payment setup question often determines if a merchant spends extra time, resources, and money in a maze of technical complexity. Years ago, the choice was painful but simple -- everyone had to build their own payments machinery. Today, payment platforms let merchants orchestrate all their provider connections from one place with additional functionalities such as a routing engine, reconciliation, risk, data analytics, and more. The road to a local-yet-global but also agile payment setup does not need to be a tumultuous one.

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Unifying Digital Experience in the Fight Against Online Fraud

Join us on May 19 at 07:00 PDT (16:00 CEST / 15:00 BST / 22:00 SGT)

Saurabh Bajaj, Vice President of Product -- F5

In a hypercompetitive digital market, consumers have many choices at their fingertips. Often, the ability to quickly login, research, and transact is a key competitive advantage and makes for content and loyal customers. For many brands, the tension between friction-free consumer experiences and application security can lead to compromises that directly impact business outcomes. F5 believes that security and user experience should no longer be mutually exclusive, and has made it their mission to help businesses reduce authentication friction without undermining existing security and fraud postures.

In this thought-provoking session, F5 will share best practices on combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with some of the more traditional approaches to mitigating online fraud, as well as highlight why extensive cross-industry collaboration can help organizations strike the optimal balance between security and usability.

This broadcast will cover:

-Tangible business outcomes -- increase online revenue without increasing fraud
-Know your customer -- identify, understand, and optimize legitimate consumer behavior
-Security ≠ friction -- improve customer experience and conversion by eliminating login friction, thereby bolstering brand reputation and loyalty

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Fraud Trends and Frankenstein Attacks: The Pandemic Side Effects

Join us on May 19 at 08:00 PDT (17:00 CEST / 16:00 BST / 23:00 SGT)

Dave Senci, Vice President of Product Development -- Mastercard
Jonathan McGrandle, Director of Market Delivery -- NuData Security, A Mastercard Company

The pandemic has ushered in more complex scripts, hybrid attacks, and increased unpredictability. NuData found that 76% of eCommerce attacks in the second half of 2020 imitated human behavior, like virtual Frankensteins. These threats create a real challenge for companies trying to differentiate good users from risky ones.

This webinar explores the acceleration of these digital threats that bypass standard security solutions and illustrates how to create a secure environment users can trust.

Attend this webinar to receive:

-A deep dive into how human-looking, Frankenstein-like attacks work
-A review of whether fraud seasons are still a thing to mark on your calendar
-Practical advice on what data to rely on (or not) when triaging online traffic

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How to Measure Your Payment Authorization Performance

Join us on May 26 at 07:00 PDT (16:00 CEST / 15:00 BST / 22:00 SGT)

Alon Shem Tov, Product Lead -- Riskified
Sangwon Yoon, Product Marketing Manager -- Riskified

Merchants are losing up to one in every seven eCommerce dollars to orders declined during payment authorization. Globally, as of 2020, that translates to roughly $600 billion of potential revenue left on the table. According to Riskified's research, 72% of those failures are experienced by good customers who were wrongfully declined. Do you know how much you are losing to authorization failures?

In this Solution Spotlight, join Riskified to understand how to measure your payment authorization performance and learn about the only solution on the market for recovering revenue and customers post-decline.

By attending this webinar, a person should be able to understand the problem of payment authorization failures, how to measure and monitor authorization performance, and what merchants can do to mitigate losses.

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Open Banking: What, Where, Who, and Why?

Join us on May 26 at 09:00 PDT (18:00 CEST / 17:00 BST / May 27 00:00 SGT)

Ian Macallister, Vice President of U.S. Open Banking -- Trustly, Inc.

Open banking in the United States: Is the U.S. ready to catch up?

Open banking is a concept that is attracting a lot of attention around the world right now. This webinar session focuses on all relevant questions, namely what, where, who, and why?

Trustly will explore how the recent trends and changes around the world -- especially regulatory changes in the European Union and the UK -- are likely to affect banks, fintechs, and other businesses in the U.S. We conclude that globalization is forcing U.S. banks, fintechs, and other businesses to make internal changes to comply with European Union and UK regulations, but these same changes also prepare them to join the open banking community.

As our world becomes increasingly digital, consumers are demanding slicker, quicker, more personalized experiences that fit conveniently into their lifestyles. This creates a tough environment for merchants and service providers who need to meet this customer demand while controlling costs and growing their businesses. Open Banking is one of the key initiatives helping to address both consumer and merchant needs when it comes to payments.

In this webinar, you will learn:

-What are Open Banking and PSD2?
-Why are consumers flocking to open banking payments?
-What are open banking's benefits for merchants?
-How can merchants leverage open banking for payments?

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