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Fraud and Risk Mitigation for Merchants in the Age of Crypto

Join us on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at 14:00 Melbourne (November 22 19:00 Seattle / November 23 03:00 Dublin / 04:00 Berlin / 11:00 Singapore)

  • Ivan Yang, Director, APAC -- Trulioo
  • Luke Raven, Senior AML Compliance Manager -- Cabital

Despite overall economic uncertainty and crypto volatility, consumer interest doesn’t seem to be waning.

In a survey of 1,000 people conducted by Bank of America, 30% of respondents reported that they had no plans to sell their crypto holdings in the next six months. What’s more, 39% and 34% of those surveyed cited that they have used crypto as a payment method to make online or in-person purchases, respectively. The crypto space continues to mature leading to implications for merchants wanting to ward off nefarious activity while enacting sound risk mitigation strategies.

As crypto becomes more widely adopted by consumers and accepted as a form of payment by businesses, merchants need to carefully consider how to adapt to this new form of currency.

What’s more, as regulators enforce sanctions designed to curb the illicit use of crypto, proper digital identity verification procedures are more critical than ever in combatting bad actors while ensuring users can transact safely and securely.

This webinar will explore why the relationship between merchants and consumers needs to be underpinned by trust and how organizations need to ensure fiat and crypto off and on ramps and transactions are safe and compliant.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding the intensifying interplay between fiat and crypto off and on ramps and the implications for merchants
  • Key factors to consider when making technology decisions with respect to identity verification and onboarding processes
  • Why evolving regulations that differ across jurisdictions call for agile practices and constant monitoring
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Reducing Fraud and Friction in Consumer Experiences for Ecommerce

Join us on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 11:00 Dublin (03:00 Seattle / 12:00 Berlin / 19:00 Singapore / 22:00 Melbourne)

  • Surash Patel, VP of EMEA -- TeleSign

As regulatory oversight aimed at stopping financial fraud rises, the friction generated by identity and credit checks built into customer onboarding processes is causing many consumers to abandon their shopping carts. Consumers expect simple, fast, convenient onboarding.

The situation is forcing you as a business-to-consumer (B2C) business and online retailer to rethink your customer journeys. You need to find a way to put necessary protections in place that yield fast, accurate but simultaneously low friction and invisible checks. At the same time, consumers want to feel their identities and transactions are secure.

Additionally, businesses have implemented “guest check-out” facilities which have enabled them to reduce friction completely at the expense of not knowing who the end consumer is and introducing a higher potential for returns fraud.

Learning objectives:

  • Tackling digital identity challenges faced by businesses in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Ways to reduce up to 90% of your drop-off during onboarding
  • Access to insights on fraudulent transactions and chargebacks and how you can tackle these challenges
  • Identify the challenges businesses could face when implementing such strategies
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Winning the TRA Game: How To Get to Less Than 5% of SCA and Boost Conversions

Join us on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 13:00 Dublin (05:00 Seattle / 14:00 Berlin / 21:00 Singapore / December 1 00:00 Melbourne)

  • Alessio Damonti, Deputy CEO -- Axerve
  • Francesc Altisent, Director of Product, Payments -- Riskified

Leveraging partnerships and data insights to make PSD2 work for your business.

PSD2 requirements for eCommerce data introduce new opportunities if the approach is data-driven. Axerve and Riskified united forces and found a way to maximise TRA exemptions and to optimise payment flows. During the webinar, we will share some real numbers and case studies, and prove that the right partnership and data-driven decisions can boost performance and turn requirements into an advantage.

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Why Is Effective Fraud Prevention Essential in Aiding a Positive Customer Journey?

Join us on Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 15:00 Dublin (07:00 Seattle / 16:00 Berlin / 23:00 Singapore / December 8 02:00 Melbourne)

  • Marc Fessler, Senior Sales Engineer -- Nethone

Nethone aims to present to you how choosing advanced fraud solutions, you not only benefit from protecting your online payment process by stopping fraud before it happens, but securing your business, your customers, and the overall UX. The key to success lies in a holistic approach to fraud management, which includes the use of behavioral biometrics and digital fingerprinting to understand user intentions and motivations, device and network settings to weed out automated bots, but also uncover fraudsters and dishonest customers hiding their true identities and locations.

How does this benefit the customer journey? Test 5,000+ pieces of data takes place automatically and in real-time, all powered by machine learning models and completely unseen by customers. From registration, use of service, making payments, and effective resolution of returns and disputes - you can stop fraudsters and dishonest customers before they’ve had a chance to do any damage. By building a safe and frictionless service path, you ensure new and existing customers are happy, value your service and will continue to use it. All of this converts into a positive online reputation - a vital currency in the digital age!

Join our webinar to discover how to achieve the perfect customer UX without a drop in security.

Learning objectives:

  • Awareness of how advanced fraud solutions can help build and maintain a positive customer UX
  • To understand the benefits of behavioral biometrics in fraud prevention to aid the process of frictionless ID authentication
  • How machine learning models aid analyses of behavioral biometrics and digital fingerprinting to weed out fraudsters and dishonest customers while ensuring a positive customer UX
  • Awareness of the different anti-fraud systems used by e-Commerce merchants and how their choices can result in a friction-full or frictionless UX
  • How Nethone authenticates every single digital service user at every stage of the customer journey
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5 Fraud Prevention Strategies That Also Improve Customer Experiences

Join us on Wednesday, December 14, 2022 at 10:00 Seattle (18:00 Dublin / 19:00 Berlin / December 15 02:00 Singapore / 05:00 Melbourne)

  • Brady Harris, Director of Customer Analytics Solution Delivery -- Kount
  • Mike Gramz, Chief Value Delivery Officer, Co-Founder -- Maast by Synovus

As e-commerce fraud continues to rise, merchants must continually evolve their fraud protection strategy or risk losing good customers and revenue. At the end of the day, fraud prevention doesn’t just keep bad actors out. Wherever you’re preventing fraud, you’re also improving customer experiences — and we want to show you how. Join experts from Maast/Synovus and Kount as they share insider knowledge on how five essential fraud strategies also increase revenue and keep customers engaged with your brand.

Learning objectives:

  • After attending this webinar, the audience will have a better understanding of how fraud mitigation can improve the customer experience. The five essential fraud strategies will educate the audience on how to increase their revenue, keep their customers engaged with their brand, and they will take away valuable information that assists in continuous evolvement.
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How To Increase Approval Rate by Merchant and Issuer Collaboration

Join us on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 13:00 Dublin (05:00 Seattle / 14:00 Berlin / 21:00 Singapore / January 26 00:00 Melbourne)

  • Chanan Lavi, CEO and Co-Founder -- Kipp

Kipp Connect platform enables merchants and issuers to collaborate together and WIN more transactions. All it takes to save declined transactions is some carefully coordinated cooperation and communication that lets everyone win – merchants, issuers, and … customers.

Merchants as the party with a lot more direct, real-time contact with consumers “know” more than the issuer does. Merchants can contribute data and share the cost of risk so issuers will get comfortable with the potential risk they perceive.

Learning objectives:

  • After attending the webinar, you could finally understand why merchants and issuers have to collaborate in order to increase their revenue and maintain their customer happy.
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