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Payment Strategies for Sharing Economy Companies in LATAM

Join us for a webinar on October 2, 2019 at 10:00 AM PDT (7:00 PM CEST / 6:00 PM BST)

Michel Golffed, Vice President of Growth -- dLocal
Federico Mazzoli, Product Manager -- dLocal

This webinar will focus on the challenges and hurdles that sharing-economy merchants find when expanding to emerging markets, and the solutions especially designed to tackle the needs of this type of merchant.

Among the challenges, special attention will be put on the payment landscape. The solutions to be covered include:

-Payins: collecting payments from cards and alternative payment methods including cash and bank transfers.

-Payouts: sending payouts to the supply side of this type of business (e.g., drivers).

-Cash Collection: this solution was especially designed by dLocal to cover the specific needs of these merchants, who are now able to collect cash payments and collect funds from their local partners.

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VMPI -- Just the Facts with Real Results

Join us for a webinar on October 9, 2019 at 11:00 AM PDT (8:00 PM CEST / 7:00 PM BST)

Scott Adams, Chief Executive Officer and Founder -- FraudPVP

Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) is one aspect of the Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) initiative that was highly touted, but then disappeared from the payments landscape media and now is surrounded by myths and misinformation.

This webinar will focus on some of the myths and misinformation around VMPI, how they came about, and ensure attendees can make educated and informed decisions around VMPI and whether this is a service from which they would benefit.

The discussion will explore VMPI, starting with what it is designed to do and ending with how any size and type of merchant can start using this service. Information from a case study completed recently with a digital goods recurring merchant will be presented so that attendees can see real results from a real merchant.

This webinar will educate the payments and fraud ecosystem on what VMPI is, how it really works, and let merchants know how to get connected.


-Real facts about the VMPI service
-Real world merchant data from using VMPI
-How to get connected

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Protect Your Business: Top 5 Sources of Fraud During the Holiday Season

Join us for a webinar on October 23, 2019 at 10:00 AM PDT (7:00 PM CEST / 6:00 PM BST)

Kevin Gosschalk, CEO and Founder -- Arkose Labs

As online retailers prepare for the holiday season by optimizing user experience, conversion flows, and marketing tactics, fraudsters are preparing to launch automated account takeovers, gift card fraud, denial of inventory attacks, and more. Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles Day, and the December holidays, online commerce reaches its absolute peak -- as does fraud. In this informative webinar, learn about the top five types of fraud to watch out for this holiday season -- and how to protect your business.

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Tis the Season... the Season of Taking Back

Join us for a webinar on October 30, 2019 at 7:00 AM PDT (3:00 PM CET / 2:00 PM GMT)

Michael Mallon, Global Product Director -- Accertify Inc.
Jen Lichner, Director of Dispute Management Operations -- Accertify Inc.

As the holiday season draws nearer and the reality of holiday spending begins to take hold at the consumer level, merchants are actively planning for the increase in spending, fraud, and chargebacks. In many cases, we will see the holiday spend turn into buyer's remorse as we move into the new year. Buyer's remorse refers to what the industry calls "friendly fraud" and occurs when a consumer makes an online shopping purchase with their own credit card, and then requests a chargeback from the issuing bank after receiving the purchased goods or services. Once approved, the chargeback cancels the financial transaction, and the consumer receives a refund of the money they spent.

Effectively fighting chargebacks requires an understanding of the regulations, the ability to gather the necessary support quickly, and of course the resourcing to handle the increased volume from holiday spend. If the resources to dispute a chargeback are lacking, then the merchant risks leaving income on the floor simply because of poor planning for the upcoming onslaught. There are many strategies a merchant may employ, such as purposely working only a portion of the volume, increasing headcount through temporary staffing or overtime, or possibly outsourcing the process to a partner who focuses on managing chargebacks on your behalf.

During this MRC Solution Spotlight webinar, we will explore some of the many means to prepare and then implement a strategy to help with the season of chargebacks. We will be discussing things like workflow prioritization, technology assists, staffing impact, and of course how to ensure you maximize your approach so that you recapture as much of the income you as a merchant are due.

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Accelerate Holiday Sales Using AI-Driven Fraud Prevention

Join us for a webinar on November 6, 2019 at 10:00 AM PST (7:00 PM CET / 6:00 PM GMT)

Tricia Phillips, Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy -- Kount Inc.
Louis Columbus, Contributor -- Forbes

Did you know that eCommerce sites receive up to 120 percent more visits on high-traffic days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and throughout the holidays, daily traffic is up 63 percent on average? Last year, U.S. holiday shoppers spent $123.7 billion with online businesses, an increase of 16.4 percent from 2017. The joy of record sales can turn into the post-holiday blues when chargebacks from fraud start rolling in.

Join Kount for an informational webinar where you will learn how an AI-driven fraud prevention solution can:

1. Help you reduce payments fraud and chargebacks
2. Maintain a smooth customer experience
3. Accelerate sales throughout the holiday shopping season

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How to Fight Identity Fraud by Going Providerless

Join us for a webinar on November 20, 2019 at 11:00 AM PST (8:00 PM CET / 7:00 PM GMT)

Shmuli Goldberg, Chief Marketing Officer -- Identiq
Uri Arad, Co-Founder and Vice President of Product -- Identiq

The most challenging risk to control is when you see something for the first time -- be it a customer, an email address, or a credit card.

However, while these customers and their assets are new to you, these good users are probably well known elsewhere. The leading online companies recognised this a while ago, and have been working together rather than having to rely on third-party data providers.

In this Solution Spotlight webinar, Identiq will be discussing how providerless fraud prevention can enable you to:

-Start collaborating with your peers
-Get fresh, holistic information to stop fraud
-Streamline the experience for good users
-Stop sharing or exposing sensitive user data with anyone
-Verify data like funding source ownership that you simply could not before

Intrigued? Join on November 20 to find out what going providerless can do for you and your business.

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Why Fraudsters Love Your Contact Center's Authentication, and Customers Hate It

Join us for a webinar on December 4, 2019 at 11:00 AM PST (8:00 PM CET / 7:00 PM GMT)

Lance Hood, Senior Director of Product Marketing -- Neustar

As chip credit cards make retail fraud more difficult, criminals are increasing their attacks on call centers. Meanwhile, contact centers employing knowledge-based authentication make it easier than ever for criminals to socially engineer call center agents and take over customer accounts. Asking more challenge questions is just asking for trouble.

Instead of callers' personal information -- which is freely available on the dark web -- contact center leaders need an "unhackable" approach to identify and authenticate callers. Forward-thinking contact centers are finding success using authoritative data that link users' accounts with their calling devices. The result is better protection for customer accounts and improved customer experience.

Attend this Solution Spotlight webinar to learn:

1. The latest methods fraudsters are using to attack contact centers

2. Why existing call center authentication practices may be problematic for security and the customer experience

3. Why ownership-factor authentication has proven to be a more secure and customer-centric model for call center fraud prevention

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