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Online Buying is Surging: How Merchants Can "Keep the Peak" and Ensure Long-Term Success

July 23, 2020

Even in the midst of a major economic downturn, some eCommerce merchants are not just surviving, they are seeing persistent holiday season-like levels of consumer demand.

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Credit Card Payments: Here Are the Top 5 Things Merchants Need to Know

July 09, 2020

Credit cards have become nearly ubiquitous for payments, with merchants that do not accept credit cards often at a disadvantage. At the same time, the cost of accepting credit cards is steep and about to get steeper. Read on as Trustly shares five key things merchants need to know about accepting credit card payments.

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Vesta Secures $125 Million Investment from Goldfinch Partners

July 02, 2020

Fintech pioneer in fraud protection and fully guaranteed payment technologies company Vesta has secured USD $125 million in new growth capital from private equity firm Goldfinch Partners.

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3 Ways Disruption Drives Contact Center Fraud

June 26, 2020

80% of Certified Fraud Examiners say fraud levels rise in times of economic distress. What threats should customer experience leaders be alert to -- and how can they fight back as disruption drives contact center fraud?

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Banks after PSD2

June 17, 2020

PSD2 requirements for Strong Consumer Authentication and the rise of open banking are a good start to think of collaboration in the wider context. Banks already have credibility, stability, and consumer knowledge, and what they need from young start-ups is their speed and the innovative technology.

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COVID-19 Impacts: Trends in the Food & Beverage Industry

June 09, 2020

Consumer transaction volumes across the food, beverage, grocery, and delivery industries have skyrocketed over the last several weeks due to the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19), precipitating a new culture of eCommerce.

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J.P. Morgan Merchant Services Named #1 eCommerce Acquirer in Europe

June 08, 2020

J.P. Morgan was named the #1 eCommerce acquirer in Europe by web transactions for the fifth year running in the latest issue of The Nilson Report.

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Barclaycard Payments Partners with Kount to Deliver Industry-leading Fraud Prevention and Prepare Businesses for Strong Customer Authentication

June 08, 2020

Barclaycard Payments announced a new partnership with fraud prevention provider Kount to give Barclays Transact customers access to Kount's fraud detection software.

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Building Better Subscription Bundles

June 04, 2020

One of the most effective strategies for attracting new customers is to offer subscription bundles, pairing multiple products or services at discounted rates.

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Axcess Financial Slashes Identity Fraud 80% with SAS Identity: Enrichment and Assessment

June 01, 2020

Axcess cut third-party fraud by 80% in less than 90 days using SAS' new cloud-based, machine learning-driven identity and authentication offering.

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