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Mobile Phone Retailer Stops Fraudulent Sales and Saves Big

iovation shares a case study in which device-based intelligence was used to help detect individuals attempting to mask their true location, thereby revealing associations with illegitimate accounts.

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How an Online Dating Company Is Winning the Fight Against Fraud

iovation explains how the combination of email verification and device identification helped an online dating company significantly lower its chargeback rate.

Read more » Prevents Hundreds of Fraudulent Accounts with iovation

iovation illustrates how a UK-based insurance aggregator used device identification to substantially curtail ghost broker applications and ultimately prosecute a fraud ring.

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SeatGeek Harnesses Chargeback Automation to Help Fans See More Live

Chargehound explains how SeatGeek integrated Chargehound's Chargeback Automation solution and in the process minimised hours spent on chargeback management.

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Leading Asset Verification Company Selects AllData Aggregation from Fiserv to Facilitate Real-Time Account Verification

Fiserv highlights why DecisionLogic chose Fiserv's account aggregation platform and how the service has performed since implementation.

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Industry Pioneer Uses Digital Disbursements to Provide Employees Instant Access to Earned Wages to Improve Financial Well-Being

Fiserv explains how DailyPay leverages Fiserv's Digital Disbursements solution to provide workers with immediate access to earned unpaid wages.

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Find Your Table for Any Occasion -- OpenTable Fights Gift Card Fraud with Pipl

Pipl shares how the company was able to help OpenTable mitigate gift card fraud using Pipl Search Pro.

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Improve Your Customers' Experience and Your Fight Against Credit Fraud

iovation looks at the unique fraud types impacting credit issuers and how the company's solutions can help prevent fraud while ensuring a strong experience for legitimate customers.

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esure Cuts Call Center Fraud by 40% with iovation

esure explains how the company leveraged iovation's solutions to dramatically reduce fraud originating from esure's contact centers.

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Forrester Reports 321% ROI for Fortune 100 Company Using iovation

iovation summarizes the results a U.S.-based financial services issuer achieved after migrating to iovation's fraud prevention solutions.

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