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Those individuals eligible to apply for a seat on the MRC LATAM Regional Advisory Board will be given the title of MRC LATAM Ambassador. Once applications are received for the Regional Board, those who are short-listed for an election are authorized to use the title. Applicants are considered and a final group of Advisors will be appointed by the MRC Board in due course.



MRC Brief Background

  • MRC is a 501(c)6 non-profit professional membership organization, incorporated in New York and based in Redmond, Washington. MRC was granted 501(c)6 status by the IRS in 2002 and is the principal not-for-profit, global forum for eCommerce professionals.
  • MRC has a Global Board of Directors and three regional Advisory Boards, including the Americas Advisory Board (AAB), European Advisory Board (EAB), and Asia Pacific Advisory Board (APAC AB). Advisory boards have up to sixteen members, half of which must be merchants.

MRC Organizational Structure

  • MRC is governed by the Global Board of Directors (Board) which consists of five merchants and four Solution Providers. The Board ensures the MRC operates ethically and within the law. Individuals on the Board act as "trustees" of the public for all MRC actions.
  • The MRC CEO, who reports to the Board, manages the day-to-day operations of the organization and, when appropriate, seeks input from the Board (and/or regional boards). The CEO is ultimately responsible for meeting the Board strategic goals and managing all staff.
  • MRC has all required financial reporting systems in place. The Board Finance and Audit Committee has functioning financial overview. An external audit takes place annually, following the end of each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).
  • MRC carries the necessary and appropriate insurance, including Directors and Officers liability insurance, and has personnel policies and financial controls in place.
  • All MRC board members, including the Board, AAB, EAB, and APAC AB are required to sign a Conflict of Interest Policy at the start of each term, noting personal details and any investments or potential conflicts which are required to be reported.


MRC is now expanding into LATAM and two Country Leaders, based in São Paulo, Brazil, have been appointed to support our growth there, as well as a full time Membership Manager. Like all other regions, MRC will form a Regional Board for LATAM, consisting of Advisors in the region who will support the work of the Country Leaders, and staff. This LATAM Advisory Board (LATAM AB) is currently open for applications. MRC will review all those who apply for an Advisory Board seat and the individuals who are eligible to move forward to an election by the MRC Board will be considered Ambassadors to LATAM on behalf of the MRC. Eligible applicants can use the title MRC LATAM Ambassador, until the Advisory Board election takes place in July 2023. Those selected to the Advisory Board, will become MRC Advisors. Those who are not successful with a Board seat can continue to use the Ambassador title, as they continue to support MRC growth in the region.

MRC Advisors, working for Solution Provider members of MRC, require Regional Elite Membership. Those individuals elected to the LATAM AB will be notified when appointed and their organization will then upgrade to the Regional Elite Membership. The related fee for Regional Elite is currently USD$25k per annum for the LATAM Advisory Board. This fee will be reviewed annually.

As with the other MRC Regional Advisory Boards, MRC Merchant Advisors are required to hold MRC Platinum Membership which incurs an annual fee of USD$1,500.

Once established, the LATAM AB will consist of 8 Solution Provider representatives and 8 from Merchant organizations. While the initial group of Advisors may take some time to create, the LATAM AB will always consist of either a majority of merchants, or an equal number of merchant and solution provider representatives.

MRC Advisory Board Roles and Responsibilities

  • Advisory Board members are volunteers. Advisors provide input to the MRC Programs running in the related region and on overall operations of the MRC in that region.  Advisors are vital to the MRC in terms of their network, professional experience, and industry expertise.
  • The Advisory Board is a forum to learn, connect, and contribute. If MRC is successful in its recruitment, orientation, and management of the Advisory Board, participants can, not just take satisfaction from advancing the MRC mission but, grow professionally.
  • Advisory Boards generally meet bi-monthly, via online conference facilities. In-person meetings are usually held when and where possible, e.g. at regional conferences or while coinciding with a local Connects event. Meetings take place in advance of each Board meeting so a timely report on regional activities can be provided to the Board meetings.
  • Advisors are encouraged to participate in at least one MRC Committee or working group and encourage colleagues in their company to participate in other MRC Programs or Committees.
  • Advisors will spend up to five hours per month working on MRC-related matters, such as working group or task force meetings, interviewing new Advisor candidates, etc.
  • Advisors should attend all conferences and networking events held in their region.
  • Advisors are encouraged to recruit merchants to the MRC membership annually.
  • Advisors are expected to define program goals and performance indicators for their region, in conjunction with the Board strategic planning and organization direction for each fiscal year.

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