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Jun 29, 2021
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Date: June 30, 2021
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Seattle, WA – The Merchant Risk Council (MRC) is a non-profit organization founded on connection, collaboration, and sharing of resources in its eCommerce community. Leading all decisions on behalf of the MRC is the Global Board of Directors and bringing regional advice to the organization are the various Advisory Boards, comprised of electives from member organizations. These boards are the driving force of industry representation.

Recently, the MRC Global Board of Directors, responsible for the strategic direction of the MRC, and the North American Advisory Board, which provides advice to MRC staff on their activities for the benefit of members in North America, gained new officials whose positions are effective from July 1st, 2021.

After an intense interview process and election, where MRC members voted for who they wanted to represent them on the Global Board of Directors, MRC is delighted to welcome the following individuals to the table.


  • Lee Clifton, Global Head of Client Engagement, J.P. Morgan

    After an impressive amount of time spent in the industry and the MRC, it’s no surprise that Lee Clifton was re-elected for another term on the Global Board of Directors. His passion for enabling success in all of his peers is evident in his dedication to nurturing growth in the industry. He has presented at more than twenty MRC conferences and events, he has personally referred over seventy-five people to join the MRC, he serves as the Global Board liaison for the MRC European Advisory Board (EAB), and has mentored five individuals as part of the MRC Mentor Program to name a few of his many efforts. As a tremendous advocate for diversity, inclusion, and growth, Lee is a highly respected member of the Global Board of Directors.


New Directors:

  • Brodrick Williams, Global Head of Digital Loss Prevention, Fraud and Payments, Nike

    As a previous member of the Americas Advisory Board, Brodrick Williams is an accomplished and driven ally for the MRC and all risk and payments professionals. His commitment to encouraging education and collaboration in the industry exhibits his importance on the Global Board of Directors. He aims to ensure the MRC is recognized for its leadership in the retail payments industry and is dedicated to making sure the MRC risk and payments community has a large impact globally – proving that, without a doubt, he will have a lasting impact on the Global Board.


  • Stuart Mann, Director, Fraud & Digital Identity Product Management, Accertify

    Another new addition to the Global Board of Directors is Stuart Mann, whose passion for unity and inclusion in the industry is refreshing and provides an invaluable perspective. He is Co-Chair of the MRC European Conference Committee where he provides advice to MRC on quality presentations and content on fraud prevention and payments for MRC European conferences and has been Co-Chair of the European Advisory Board for several years. Regardless of which company you work for, where you’re from, or how long you’ve been in the industry, Stuart is determined to make every merchant voice heard.

The MRC North American Advisory Board (NAAB) consists of Advisors on MRC activities in North America. This group of passionate, eager, and driven individuals work closely with MRC staff to ensure all members’ needs are met in the region and members are kept up to date on industry changes and issues or activities that affect their businesses. The MRC is delighted to welcome three new members to the NAAB including:

  • Aparna Nemana, Manager Trust & Safety at Google,
  • Steve Klebe, Head of Enterprise Payments Performance at Stripe, and
  • Elizabeth Cronan, VP Government Relations at GeoComply

The MRC mission is to build better commerce and ensure the voice of the merchant is heard and valued. The MRC is excited to welcome all new and renewing board members and for this important new year of global recovery ahead.

About the MRC:

The MRC is an unbiased global community providing a platform for eCommerce fraud and payments professionals to come together and share information. As a non-profit 501(c)6 organization, the MRC’s vision is to make commerce safe and profitable everywhere by offering proprietary education, training, and networking opportunities, as well as a welcoming forum for timely and relevant discussions. The MRC was launched in 2000, at the start of the eCommerce boom, by a small group of industry professionals from leading consumer brands, united by the goal of fighting against online fraud. Since its inception, the MRC has also added online payments to its portfolio, expanding its presence further into eCommerce, and continues to be at the forefront of industry evolution and the continued fight against fraud. The MRC is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, but embraces membership from across the globe.

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