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Fraud is a constantly changing and evolving landscape, which means it is challenging for merchants to successfully manage and combat. Global expansion through cross-border commerce has driven fraud to take on different forms, many of which may be unique to a specific industry or geography. The increasing popularity of digital devices is fueling consumer demand for a more dynamic multi-channel commerce experience which consequently opens up new opportunities for fraudsters.

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As can be seen by the growing rate of large scale data breaches, fraud has simply become more sophisticated. To assist merchants with their fraud programs which includes the right tools, the right people and the right data, the MRC offers its members access to a robust set of educational materials. Curabitur volutpat dolor at tellus elementum fermentum. Fusce congue laoreet justo. Duis ut tempor est. Aenean nisi orci, fermentum eu enim non, euismod ultricies ligula.

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