Outgaming the Fraudsters: The G2A Playbook to Creating a Secure Digital Marketplace at Scale

MRC Athens 2023
Justt, G2A.com
Oct 11, 2023

As global online marketplace sales skyrocket towards $4 trillion, the shadow of fraud and first-party misuse grows darker, posing a serious threat to merchant profitability and reputation. In this session, you will discover how G2A.COM - a leading marketplace for digital entertainment - successfully navigated these challenges, compounded by cross-border fraud and the nuances of the resale market. Learn from their proactive cost-effective anti-fraud strategies that masterfully blend in-house expertise, tech solutions, and strategic pricing models, all while scaling globally and expanding product lines.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why marketplaces are especially vulnerable to payment fraud and disputes.   
  • How rising cases of friendly fraud are adversely affecting marketplaces.
  •  How to build a comprehensive strategy against first and third-party fraud that works cost-effectively when the average good ticket price is low.

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