How Payment Orchestration Optimizes Subscription Payments for Businesses

Doug Fry, Senior Product Manager, Spreedly
Apr 03, 2024

As businesses continue to adopt subscription models, managing recurring payments becomes a critical component of their operations. The subscription economy has expanded beyond traditional realms, enveloping everything from digital content to software and physical goods. The intricacies of handling these payments securely and efficiently have led to the rise of payment orchestration as a vital tool for businesses. This blog explores the concept of payment orchestration, its integration with subscription payments, and the role of platforms like Spreedly in enhancing this ecosystem.

What is Payment Orchestration?
Payment orchestration is the strategic management of multiple payment services and gateways through a unified platform. It allows businesses to seamlessly integrate a variety of payment methods, navigate transactions across different gateways, and uphold stringent security standards. By enabling a more adaptable and efficient payment process, payment orchestration addresses the diverse needs of global customers, making it easier for businesses to expand their reach. Providers like Spreedly play a significant role in this space, offering robust solutions that streamline payment operations for subscription-based services.

What Are Subscription Payments?
Subscription payments involve regular transactions that allow customers to enjoy continuous access to a product or service. This model demands a system capable of managing renewals, cancellations, and adjustments with minimal friction, ensuring a smooth customer journey. Security and a positive user experience are paramount, given the recurring nature of these transactions.

Benefits of Adding Subscription Payments to Your Payment Stack
Incorporating subscription payments via a payment orchestration platform like Spreedly offers numerous advantages:

  • Customer Retention: A frictionless payment experience encourages loyalty and long-term engagement.
  • Global Market Access: The ability to accept diverse payment methods and currencies paves the way for international expansion.
  • Revenue Growth: Optimized payment success rates and market adaptability contribute to revenue optimization.
  • Simplified Operations: Centralized payment management reduces errors and enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Valuable Insights: Analytics and reporting from orchestration platforms offer strategic data to inform business decisions.

How do Payment Orchestration and Subscription Payments Work Together?
The combination of payment orchestration and subscription payments benefits businesses by:

  • Offering Diverse Payment Options: With support for various payment methods and gateways, platforms like Spreedly make it simpler for businesses to cater to global audiences, enhancing customer satisfaction and conversion rates.
  • Increasing Success Rates: Payment orchestration improves transaction success rates through intelligent routing and retries, essential for minimizing churn related to payment failures.
  • Boosting Security and Compliance: Solutions like Spreedly prioritize advanced security features and compliance with regulations, crucial for protecting customer data in subscription models.
  • Enhancing Operational Efficiency: By automating the management of subscription payments, businesses can focus on growth, relying on orchestration platforms to handle the complexities.
  • Facilitating Easy Payment Updates: Tokenization and vaulting allow customers to effortlessly update their payment information, ensuring uninterrupted access to subscription services and enhancing the overall user experience.

An eCommerce Payment Subscription Use Case
Let's envision "StreamFlix," a fictional streaming service that offers an array of movies, TV shows, and exclusive content on a subscription basis. To support its global audience, StreamFlix partners with Spreedly for payment orchestration, enabling it to accept a diverse range of payment methods, from credit cards to digital wallets. This ensures that subscribers worldwide can easily manage their payments, whether they're signing up, renewing, or upgrading their plans. Spreedly's tokenization and vaulting capabilities mean that subscriber payment information is securely stored and protected, while also providing StreamFlix with the agility to adapt to changing payment landscapes without interrupting the service. This seamless integration of subscription payments and payment orchestration allows StreamFlix to maintain a focus on delivering quality content without compromising on payment security or customer satisfaction.

The Importance of Vaulting and Tokenization for Subscription Models
In the realm of subscription services, securing payment information while maintaining flexibility is paramount. Vaulting and tokenization emerge as critical technologies in this context. By converting sensitive payment details into non-sensitive tokens and securely storing them, these processes ensure that customer data is protected against breaches. Spreedly's advanced vaulting system not only secures these tokens but also facilitates the seamless switching between payment processors, maintaining service continuity even if the payment infrastructure changes. This adaptability is especially crucial for subscription models where uninterrupted service is key to customer retention. Additionally, the use of tokenization and vaulting supports the integration of multiple payment methods and currencies, expanding the service's global reach and operational flexibility.

Learn More About Orchestrating Subscriptions
Integrating payment orchestration with subscription models offers a streamlined approach for businesses to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. Justin Benson, CEO of Spreedly, alongside customers Hopper, Priceline, and Sky, will explore these themes further in the session "Payments Orchestration and Tokenization" at MRC Barcelona on 24 April 2024. Their insights will explore the connection between advanced payment technologies and subscription-based services, highlighting the importance of a flexible, secure payment strategy in maintaining customer satisfaction and driving business growth.


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