Payment Orchestration Hits the Road: Next Stop, MRC Vegas

Andy McHale, Senior Director of Product and Market Strategy, Spreedly
Feb 08, 2024

The recent Payments Orchestration eLearning session, hosted by MRC and featuring Andy McHale from Spreedly, provided a deep dive into the complexities and opportunities within Payments Orchestration. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital payments, the session highlighted the importance of a flexible payment strategy for enhancing customer experience. It also set the stage for further exploration at the upcoming MRC Vegas event in March. There, Justin Benson, CEO of Spreedly, will be speaking.


Why You Cannot Miss MRC Las Vegas 2024

MRC Las Vegas is not just another industry event; it's a confluence of payments industry experts with ideas that shape the future of payments and risk management. It's where innovation meets practicality, and the session led by Justin Benson promises to extend the dialogue initiated by Andy McHale, focusing on "The Rapidly Evolving Definition of Payments Orchestration." This session aims to unpack the multifaceted approach to orchestration and optimization, vital for businesses striving to own the customer relationship journey, from acquisition to payment and beyond.


The Synergy of Thought Leaders

Imagine a panel comprising Gus Jacobs from The New York Times, Eric Christensen from Getty Images, and Blake Whitson from Brainly, moderated by Justin Benson. This diverse group of thought leaders will dissect the core components of a successful payments stack, debating the optimal mix of gateway and PSP relationships, and strategies for leveraging a payments vault. The session will navigate the delicate balance between cost containment and driving top-line revenue, providing actionable insights for businesses at any stage of their orchestration journey.


Connect with Spreedly at MRC Las Vegas

For organizations aiming to elevate their payment strategies or delve into Payments Orchestration, engaging with Spreedly at the MRC Las Vegas conference is a critical step towards payment optimization.

By setting up a meeti   ng and experiencing Spreedly's self guided demo, you gain direct insights into optimizing payment processes and expanding market reach, ensuring your business stays agile and secure in the complex payment landscape. Visit Spreedly's Contact Us page to start a conversation now that could redefine your payment operations.


Dive Deeper into Payments Orchestration

If you missed our enlightening Payments Orchestration 101 or 201 webinar or wish to revisit the insights shared by Andy McHale, view the session available in the MRC Resource Center. This on-demand access will not only bolster your understanding of Payments Orchestration but also enhance your preparedness for the in-depth discussions anticipated at MRC Vegas.


MRC Vegas: A Must-Attend for Payment Professionals

As the agenda for MRC Vegas takes shape, ensure you mark your calendars for the session featuring Justin Benson and the esteemed panel. This is a unique opportunity to glean insights from leaders at the forefront of payment innovations, understand emerging trends, and network with peers facing similar challenges and opportunities. For more details on the agenda and to plan your MRC Vegas experience, visit the MRC Vegas Event Page.



In the dynamic world of e-commerce and digital payments, staying ahead means continually evolving and adapting. The journey from the Payments Orchestration webinar insights to the collaborative discussions at MRC Vegas represents a path toward not just understanding but mastering the art of Payments Orchestration.

Join us in this exploration and be part of shaping the future of payment strategies that drive customer satisfaction and business success. Meet us at Vegas to continue the conversation and unlock new dimensions of payment optimization.

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