Pagos Unveils Dual Industry Breakthroughs: Payments Benchmarking & Unified Payments Data Stream

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Mar 01, 2024
Member News

No-code solutions make maximizing revenue and reducing costs for businesses a no-brainer

LOS ANGELESFeb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In just under three years, Pagos has built seven unique payments optimization services designed to help businesses see, monitor, and more effectively use their payments data. Two of those pioneering services—announced today—increase the value of a company's payment data through access to payments performance benchmarking and services for aggregating and harmonizing data streams into downloadable reports. These innovations are set to empower businesses with unparalleled insights and efficiency in managing and using their payments data.

Benchmarking by Vertical and Segment

Flamingo by Pagos revolutionizes payments benchmarking with a historic leap forward! For the first time ever, businesses can unlock the power of their own payments data to identify and prioritize which opportunities will improve performance. Each business' metrics, segmented around the way they operate, can be compared with Pagos' unparalleled payments data benchmarks, built with billions of transaction data points and card network data feeds. This offers an extraordinary lens through which to view their performance against key industry metrics. This groundbreaking tool not only sets a new standard in payment analytics but does so with unprecedented ease of use, marking a milestone moment for the payments industry.

CEO and co-founder Klas Bäck emphasized "Many of us here at Pagos have been working in payments for a long time, and there has never been a way for businesses to tell if their payments flows are doing well compared to others in their vertical and with similar buyers. Our new no-code benchmarking service does that, and it does so while preserving the anonymity of businesses' data. Think about how powerful it is to finally be able to answer questions like, 'how does this metric compare with my peers?' and 'is this declining metric just happening for me or is it impacting everyone in the industry?'"

Benchmarking pairs perfectly with Pagos' processor-agnostic data visualization and insights service, Peacock. And once you see what's going on in your payments stack, you'll want to monitor in real-time for anomalies using Pagos' payments data observability and monitoring service, Canary.

No-Code, No Effort Payments Data Streaming

Pagos' second announcement, Puffin, streamlines how businesses access and integrate payments data into their workflows and systems. Pagos' no-code platform automates the harmonization of payments data, eliminating the need for time-intensive data mapping and cleaning tasks by internal teams. Puffin simplifies data integration and analysis by offering a straightforward, clean data feed encompassing everything from transactions to fees. With the time savings and enhanced data quality Puffin offers, businesses can stream data into any data warehouse, power any data-driven use case, focus on product or service improvements, and accurately track fees down to the line-item to drive cost efficiencies.

CPTO and co-founder Albert Drouart noted "Payment transaction and fee data harmonization and centralization is complicated and expensive work for individual businesses to take on internally. To drive real results, you have to build integrations and mappings for each processor, aggregate and standardize data across all of the sources, and then maintain those connections over time to stay accurate. Pagos is better positioned to do this for you, and we're excited to eliminate this work for internal teams with Puffin so they can focus more energy on reducing costs and growing their business."

There's Even More

Businesses looking to further optimize their payments performance and improve customer experiences have even more options from Pagos: a network-direct global account updater service, Loon, and network tokenization service, Toucan, give coverage for all four major card brands in a single integration. And their direct-to-network BIN database, Parrot, is the most accurate and accessible global service of its kind, enabling real-time transaction analytics, decisioning and routing.

About Pagos Solutions:

Pagos is a 2024 Fintech Innovation 50 honoree that creates simple tools for complex data so anyone can be a payments expert and drive payments performance.

Pagos powers many of the world's leading ecommerce companies including Adobe, Eventbrite, GoFundMe, McAfee, Ultra Mobile, and Warner Bros. Discovery (Max) to see, monitor, and use payments data more effectively. The results: increased revenue, and reduced costs and do more with less resources.

Their global team spans nine countries and is backed by Arbor VenturesInfinity VenturesPoint72 VenturesTarsadia, and Underscore VC.

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