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Global Board Roles and Responsibilities

As an MRC Global Board Director, you have three primary legal duties:

  • Duty of Care: Take care of the non-profit organization by ensuring prudent use of all assets, including facility, people, and good will.
  • Duty of Loyalty: Ensure that the non-profit organization's activities and transactions are, first and foremost, advancing its mission; recognize and disclose conflicts of interest; and make decisions that are in the best interest of the non-profit organization, not in the best interests of the individual board member (or any individual or for-profit entity).
  • Duty of Obedience: Ensure the non-profit organization obeys applicable laws and regulations, follows its own by-laws, and adheres to its stated corporate purpose/mission.

The MRC Global Board is primarily responsible for:

  • Setting the strategic direction of the organization, hiring/firing and directing the CEO, and encouraging collaboration with all of the MRC constituents to achieve the mission of the organization.
  • As an MRC Global Board Director, you are a volunteer.
  • The MRC Global Board meets 6 times per year usually virtually, with at least one in-person meeting held per year.
  • The MRC Global Board Directors are encouraged to participate in at least one other MRC Committee or working group and to include other members of their company for other programs or committees as needed.
  • Global Board Directors spend a minimum of five hours per month on MRC matters such as attending meetings, committees and providing advisory oversight, etc.
  • Global Board Directors are asked to attend all MRC flagship conferences and to at least commit to those held in their region of residence.
  • Both Merchant and Solution Provider Directors are encouraged to recruit merchants to join the MRC.

Applicants' eligibility requirements:

  • Applicants must be employed by an active MRC merchant member company or an active MRC solution provider member company (Ancillary and Issuer members may apply but will be required to upgrade to Solution Provider Membership if elected)
  • If applying for a Solution Provider board seat, applicants must be employed by an Elite member, or ensure their employer is prepared to upgrade their membership to Elite status in the event they are elected
  • If applying for a Merchant board seat, applicants must be employed by a Platinum MRC member or ensure their employer is prepared to upgrade to Platinum Member status
  • For Solution Provider applicants, a VP role or above is required
  • Candidates must be willing and available to serve a term of three years
  • Candidates must be willing to attend approximately 6 meetings a year (2 in person)
  • Appointed candidates agree to sign the MRC Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Applicant must be currently serving on an MRC Advisory Board for no less than one year.

Global Board benefits:

  • Elite Solution Provider Global Board members: Details for Elite Members are included in the Elite Member agreement and include access to member-only events and forums, as well as recognition throughout the term, discounts at events, and the ability to shape programs and policy globally.
  • Merchant Global Board members: Participate in the creation and delivery of global long-term strategies and programs. Benefit professionally from exposure to emerging industry trends and greater connections to high profile merchants and industry experts.

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