2021 Presentations

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How Bad Bots Impact Your Fraud Prevention Strategy

PerimeterX peruses the importance of mitigating malicious bots and provides examples of companies who benefited from bot management solutions.

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eCommerce Fraud: It's Costing Merchants More Than They Think

Vesta scrutinizes six costs associated with eCommerce fraud and showcases several best practices to help companies better balance fraud and acceptance rates.

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Harnessing the Power of a "360 Degree" EMV 3DS Implementation

Arcot analyzes the rollout of EMV 3DS and provides insights on their solution platform.

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Partnering with Law Enforcement: How Merchants Can Help Law Enforcement Fight eCommerce Fraud

Pipl pinpoints ways in which merchants can assist law enforcement personnel in investigations and potential prosecutions.

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Buy Now, Pay Later -- Rapid Growth and Promising Future?

Nethone assesses advantages and drawbacks from a risk perspective related to buy now, pay later payment options.

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