How Email Verification and Fraud Prevention Solutions Can Help Businesses Improve ROI

Identity Fraud
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Jun 14, 2023

This webinar discusses how email verification and fraud prevention solutions can help businesses improve their email deliverability rates, reduce spam, and increase ROI while protecting their email reputation by identifying spam traps. As well as the benefits of having a frictionless user experience for businesses.

This webinar will cover key learning points, including:

  • The benefits of email reputation scoring in identifying fake accounts, high-risk payments, chargebacks, bots, and similar high-risk behavior.
  • Leveraging email intelligence to identify newly created email addresses, bot-generated accounts, and high-risk behavior.
  • How email verification and fraud prevention solutions can help businesses improve email deliverability rates and inboxing rates (less hitting of the spam folder). This can in turn boost customer engagement and revenue.
  • The role of fraud prevention solutions in identifying and preventing fraudulent activity related to email, including phishing attacks, account takeover attempts (ATO), business email compromise (BEC), and other scams.
  • How fraud prevention solutions can help businesses achieve a frictionless user experience while maintaining strong security measures. This reduces the risk of fraud while improving the customer experience.

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