Fraud & Risk

Explosive Growth of Providerless Tech

Shmuli Goldberg -- Identiq


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2021 has been many things so far, but it's also the year Gartner chose Privacy Enhancing Computation, and the resulting providerless tech, as a key strategic trend. Join us for this Solutions Spotlight with Identiq to find out how this important trend has taken off, why major companies are adopting it, and what it all means for fraud prevention.

Attendees will leave this webinar with an understanding of what PEC is, why it's making such huge waves in diverse industries, and what it could mean for fraud prevention - with Identiq as an example of PEC in action: providerless fraud prevention which enables merchants to collaborate directly so that they can leverage one another's data - without ever sharing any personal user info at all. If it sounds too good to be true, that's why you need to learn about PEC.