Silent & Strong: The Next-Generation of Fraud Prevention Technology

MRC Barcelona 2024
Glovo, Wolt, Incognia
Apr 23, 2024

For many years, device fingerprinting solutions were considered a fraud fighter’s secret weapon because they didn’t introduce any friction. But fraud today has evolved, and bad actors now employ increasingly sophisticated techniques to bypass these tools. This is a massive problem for digital businesses as they now find themselves unable to identify users or block suspicious behavior at scale, leading to many different forms of fraud and significant financial losses.

During this forward-looking session, André Ferraz, Founder and CEO of Incognia, will be joined by Garret Olson, Head of Insurance and Risk at Wolt, and Boris Montin, Fintech Risk Director of Glovo, to discuss the future of fraud prevention technology. They will make a case for why a new generation of device fingerprinting technology is the key to finally enabling truly frictionless fraud prevention.

They will cover; why device recognition is the holy grail of fraud prevention signals, what techniques are being used to bypass standard device fingerprinting today, what attributes contribute to a resilient device fingerprint, and why all fraud teams should be exploring next-generation device signals.

Learning Objective:

  • This session aims to educate digital businesses on why standard device fingerprinting solutions are no longer effective and the next-generation tools that are emerging to fill their gaps.

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