How Marketplaces Combat Collusion Fraud

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Sift, Pitney Bowes
Mar 08, 2023

Sift's Brittany Allen will provide a transparent look into how merchants can tackle one of the most challenging forms of fraud. With real use cases of collusion fraud from across multiple companies' experiences, plus examples of criminal chatter from the deep and dark web, attendees will leave with clear takeaways to improve their own team's fraud prevention processes by leveraging internal data, machine learning, and partnering with knowledgeable fraud fighters. 

During the session, Brittany will discuss the inner workings of the most prevalent and emerging types of fraud marketplaces encounter, including: 

ATO's and Merchant Fraud:  Whether it's a new account or the ATO'd account of an inactive seller, we'll cover the potential risk of marketplace collusion. 

BNPL Fraud: A fraudster controlling both a seller and buyer account who selects installment payments at checkout, eventually building to $200,000 in payouts. 

Empty Package/ Item Not Received Fraud: As a marketplace, when it comes to empty package claims, how do you know which side to believe? And what if both sides are actually fraudulent and your marketplace isn't the target, but the postal service is? 

Voucher and Points Cashout: How to prevent fraudsters from abusing vouchers and promos.

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