ACI Worldwide Launches Advanced Machine Learning Capability to Dramatically Reduce Payment Fraud for Merchants

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Machine Learning
ACI Worldwide
Apr 16, 2020
Member News
Patented Incremental Learning technology will deliver machine learning models that can adapt quickly to changing fraud patterns

ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW), a leading global provider of real-time electronic payment and banking solutions, today announced the launch of its new Incremental Learning technology, an innovative industry-first approach to machine learning that will enhance fraud protection for merchants and financial institutions and their customers.

ACI has filed a patent application for its "Incremental Learning" technology, which is being implemented in machine learning models within ACI's fraud prevention solutions. These include Proactive Risk Manager, which delivers enterprise fraud management capabilities for financial institutions and intermediaries, and ACI ReD Shield, which underpins ACI's secure eCommerce and merchant fraud management capabilities.

ACI's Incremental Learning technology represents a significant advancement over current machine learning models that need to be retrained as fraud patterns change. Incremental Learning models are able to "think for themselves" and make small adjustments on an ongoing basis to ensure they remain relevant, even as fraudsters and genuine consumers change their behaviors. Tests carried out on data from three major retail customers over 13 months revealed that, while traditionally trained models began to degrade after three months, ACI's incremental models maintained their performance over the full period of the test.

"Traditional machine learning models in many cases are not sufficient to stop fraudsters in their tracks. As fraudsters become more sophisticated, we need to continuously advance our models to beat them at their own game," said Jimmy Hennessy, director of Data Science at ACI Worldwide. "Our global data science team has created a game-changing piece of machine learning technology that can be seamlessly integrated and future-proofs the precision and operational efficiency for over 5,000 institutions protected by our solutions today."

ACI has more than 20 years of experience in designing and implementing machine learning models, which have long been a fundamental element within Proactive Risk Manager and ACI ReD Shield. ACI's machine learning models will quickly and efficiently analyze all available features and data points, which will then be turned into intelligence that can build customer profiles, spot fraud signals, and combat emerging fraud threats. Any anomalies are flagged in real time and immediately actioned.

"We are the first vendor globally to roll out the new Incremental Learning technology across the merchant, payments, and financial services sectors," commented Fabian Gloerfeld, head of Payments Intelligence, ACI Worldwide. "The new capability is a realization of ACI's multi-year investments and will further enhance our sophisticated fraud monitoring and prevention solutions to help customers to dramatically reduce payments fraud."

Find out more about ACI's Incremental Learning -- A Smarter Way to Fight Fraud at:

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