Fraud & Risk

Insights Into Top Performers: Results of the MRC 2019 Global Fraud Survey

Joe Salerno and Mark Hall -- CyberSource


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The 2019 MRC Global Fraud Survey, developed in collaboration with CyberSource, is the largest MRC Global Fraud Survey to date and collectively represents nearly 2800 responses from professionals across more than 30 countries. In this webinar, CyberSource shares key insights from the 2019 Global Fraud Survey, focusing on how merchants are approaching eCommerce fraud management, the challenges companies are facing, the best practices they employ, and the benefits they are realizing. Other topics discussed include manual review, top fraud attacks, and which fraud tools companies find to be most effective. The broadcast concludes with Q&A.

Slides from this webinar are available here. To download a copy of the 2019 MRC Global Fraud Survey Results, please click here.