Fraud & Risk

How to Create a Fraud Prevention Unit

Merchant Risk Council; Google; Epoch; Etsy; Newegg; Blueport; Riskified; Visa; Sony Interactive Entertainment


The MRC routinely receives inquiries requesting insight on how a fraud prevention unit can be established at a company from the ground up. In this whitepaper, the MRC, in conjunction with a working group of the MRC Fraud Community, delves into current trends, the regulatory landscape, and how these factors can affect both the role and structure of a fraud prevention group. Accountability and staffing are detailed next, followed by a brief look at training resources. Comprehensive information on common key performance indicators is also included, covering KPIs for chargebacks, risk operations, and fraud analysts. The paper closes with key benchmarking results from the MRC Global Fraud Survey and an appendix on KPI calculations.

How to Create a Fraud Prevention Unit

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