Get Out and Stay Out: A Subscription Merchant’s Journey through Card Network Monitoring Programs

MRC Vegas 2023
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Card Network
Mar 07, 2023

Card networks expect merchants to have a handle on their rates of chargebacks and payment fraud.

If you are a merchant and you find yourself in any of these programs, don’t panic!  Join us as we recount our journey when we found ourselves deep in the VFMP for many months before we found our footing, drove down our incidence of payments fraud, and emerged stronger and better than ever!

We will start by providing an overview of payment fraud sources before diving into topics including:

  • Developing robust reporting to key into root causes

  • Working closely with your payment provider (we are all on the same team)

  • Building a plan to mitigate fraud on multiple fronts simultaneously

  • Organizational alignment

  • Managing executives’ expectations.

By the end of the session, you will be able to take comfort in knowing that others have faced similar challenges when finding themselves deep in a card network monitoring program, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will learn about the different types of payment fraud and different ways of preventing each. You will learn how to marshal resources and manage expectations. You will learn how to develop permanent mechanisms that allow you to drive chargebacks and payment fraud down, and keep them down.

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