The Rise of Alternative Payments - Expanding Payment Options and Increasing Revenue

MRC Vegas 2023
Alternative Payments
PayPal, Spokeo
Mar 07, 2023

Are you still on the fence about including alternative payments into your e-commerce stack?

Join Paypal, and Eric Liang, Co-founder and CIO at Spokeo, as they share lessons learned and recommend some best practices on how merchants can successfully incorporate alternative payments into its payment systems. Using the partnership between Spokeo and Paypal as the case study, the pair will highlight what worked and pitfalls to avoid that enabled Spokeo to achieve a 25% lift in conversions and 14% increase in net new customers.

Key Takeaways include:

  • Learn about Spokeo’s business model and how Paypal has become a vital alternative payment method to Spokeo’s legacy payment platform

  • Understand how Spokeo implemented Paypal by conducting a controlled A/B test in its acquisition funnels to avoid upsetting current payments performance

  • Find out what metrics to track and analyze in order to quantify the true impacts of the Paypal A/B test

  • Hear how Spokeo used Paypal’s built-in fraud detection system to reduce costs by eliminating duplicative fraud tools

  • Find out how Spokeo discovered and reached a new customer segment with Paypal that are privacy minded & risk averse to having their credit card information potentially breached

Alternative Payments do not only provide consumers with more choice, but they also increase your revenue by expanding your audience.

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Apr 13, 2023
Visa CE 3.0 Deep Dive: Leveraging the New Rules to Fight First Party Misuse

Join this webinar to hear a detailed discussion on leveraging the updated Visa compelling evidence rules (Visa CE 3.0) to successfully combat first-party misuse. This new rule comes into effect mid-April, helping to tackle one of the largest problems in ecommerce. MRC is facilitating an educational presentation from Visa experts, where they will address top questions from merchants on Visa CE 3.0. 

With this evolution, merchants can now provide issuers with historical transaction details to confirm the legitimacy of a transaction and block illegitimate fraud claims by the consumer. This webinar will cover how merchants can leverage this rule change in both the pre-dispute path (deflecting the dispute prior to formal processing) and post-dispute path (providing the qualified CE3.0 data in pre-arbitration) for Visa transactions. 

Webinar highlights:

· Updates on the Visa CE 3.0 rule change since its initial announcement 

· Explore the various use cases of the new compelling evidence rules 

· The nuances of compelling evidence both pre- and post-dispute 

· Discussion on what’s next for compelling evidence rules from Visa

This webinar is an opportunity for merchants to clarify any questions they have on pre- and post-dispute paths and how this change impacts the wider payments ecosystem. Merchants can submit questions for Visa at registration or during the live event, and the session will be available on-demand for MRC members.

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