Fighting Refund Fraud With Biometric Security

Nuance Communications
Feb 08, 2023

Every year after the holidays, retailers are bombarded with a wave of returns and refund requests from gifts gone awry. But how do you know whether a return is legitimate, or part of an organized fraud ring designed to siphon thousands of dollars from your business? How do you know that package "lost in the mail" isn't the sixth incident of its kind in the past 48 hours? How do you know the customer returning a "damaged" device hasn't removed a key component and sold it online?

Without the proper tools, it can be nearly impossible to identify fraud at scale and prevent losses. That's where biometrics come into play. Intelligent fraud detection solutions powered by biometrics give your fraud team the ability to spot patterns across engagements and stop fraud at the source, whether it happens in the contact center with a live agent, in your IVR, or through digital messaging. They also give you the intelligence required to investigate specific cases and even successfully prosecute criminals.

Join our webinar with Danny Ross, Senior Fraud & Biometrics Specialist from Nuance Communications, to learn how you can stop reacting to fraud and start taking the fight to the fraudster.

Learning Objective:

After attending this webinar people should learn how they can stop reacting to return fraud and start taking the fight to the fraudster.

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