Ten Key Ways to Spot Insider Fraud Before it Happens

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Apr 25, 2023

By Dan Naqvi

It is estimated that insider fraud accounts for a significant portion of all financial fraud, and it can be challenging to detect and prevent. However, by understanding the warning signs and taking proactive steps, companies can significantly reduce their risk of falling victim to insider fraud preventing the devastating impacts that come with it.

  1. Background Checks.  Background checks can reveal red flags or warning signs that an individual may have a history of fraudulent behavior. This can include things like a criminal record, financial problems, or a history of employment issues.
  2. Use financial analysis tools to identify suspicious or unusual financial activity. Financial analysis can help companies identify patterns or anomalies in financial data that may indicate fraud. This can include things like sudden changes in financial performance, unusual transactions, or discrepancies in financial statements.
  3. Use fraud detection and prevention tools to monitor suspicious activity. Fraud detection and prevention tools can help companies identify and prevent fraudulent activity by monitoring transactions and detecting unusual or suspicious activity. This can include things like monitoring for suspicious login attempts, detecting unusual patterns of behavior, or identifying duplicate transactions.
  4. Implement strong internal controls to prevent fraud. Strong internal controls can include things like segregation of duties, regular financial audits, and strict access controls to sensitive financial data. By implementing these controls, companies can make it more difficult for fraud to occur, and easier to detect if it does.
  5. Provide employee training on fraud prevention. Employee training can help educate employees on the warning signs of fraud and the importance of maintaining strong internal controls. This can help to create a culture of integrity and accountability, which can significantly reduce the risk of insider fraud.
  6. It is crucial to frequently evaluate and revise fraud prevention policies and procedures to ensure their efficacy and conformity with the latest industry standards. This may involve defining thresholds for identifying fraudulent activities, creating protocols for reporting and scrutinizing fraud, and deploying measures to deter fraudulent behavior.
  7. Stay aware of changes in employee behavior. Keeping an eye out for changes in employee behavior, such as sudden changes in lifestyle or financial situation, or sudden interest in sensitive financial data which can indicate that an employee may be involved in fraudulent activity.
  8. Monitor unexpected or unusual transactions. Large or frequent money transfers or transactions that do not align with normal business practices should raise red flags as they can indicate that fraud is occurring.
  9. Focus on what’s most important. While 100% fraud prevention is the goal, understanding what is a high priority and/or high-risk helps prioritize what information to secure first.
  10. Have a plan in place to respond to fraud. Having a plan in place to respond to fraud can help companies quickly and effectively identify and fix issues.

To prevent fraud, companies can use a software tool that analyzes financial data and looks for patterns and suspicious activity. This can help them quickly detect and stop potential fraud. The software may also offer a feature to check the backgrounds of potential partners or employees, which can help spot fraud early. By using this type of tool, businesses can protect themselves and their customers from fraud.

About IPQS:
IPQS is a trusted industry leader in providing customized and transparent fraud prevention and risk management solutions that enable businesses to stay ahead of emerging threats. They are dedicated to being the ultimate source for dependable and accurate fraud prevention solutions driven by advanced technology and in-house data analysis. IPQS's solutions, which include email validation, proxy detection, and device fingerprinting, are designed to mitigate risks and safeguard operations. Their commitment to owning and analyzing their own data ensures the accuracy and reliability of their solutions, making them the go-to data source for businesses looking to proactively prevent fraud. Trust IPQS to provide the most effective and reliable data solutions available, delivering a frictionless user experience that helps protect your business and bottom line.

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