Pagos Introduces Copilot, an AI-powered Payments Tool to Benefit Commerce Businesses of All Sizes

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Pagos, Business Wire
May 14, 2024
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New tool acts as a virtual payments assistant, providing instant access to deep industry expertise

May 14, 2024 09:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pagos, a leading provider of payments optimization solutions, today announced the launch of Pagos Copilot, an AI-powered tool for instant payment intelligence. Commerce businesses of all sizes can benefit from the industry knowledge and streamlined payments analysis available via a simple conversation with Pagos Copilot.

"It’s easy for subpar performance to go unnoticed when you don’t have a wealth of payments industry knowledge, because you don’t necessarily know what you’re looking for,” said Klas Bäck, CEO and co-founder of Pagos. “We designed Pagos Copilot to bridge the knowledge gap and guide finance, product, and payments executives to build strategic action plans informed by real-time and historical payments data. We help them baseline their own performance quickly, and better understand what action to take and why to take it, and how it will positively impact their payment costs and performance. It’s like having an informed consultant in your chat app for planning and modeling."

Pagos Copilot is designed with an intuitive interface to deliver comprehensive data intelligence in a digestible and understandable format. Whether it’s defining complex payments terms, explaining calculated payments metrics, finding opportunities to improve performance, or providing shortcuts to in-depth analytics, Pagos Copilot makes it possible to not only leverage payments data, but truly understand it. Regardless of size or sophistication of a payments organization, every team member can benefit from querying and engaging with Pagos Copilot. Key features include:

  • Payments knowledge - Ask and receive answers about how the payments industry works, what payments terminology means, and even what best practices to employ.
  • Accessible insights - Ask probing questions about your organization’s payments data in real-time, i.e. “What was my approval rate last week? How has my chargeback rate changed over the last quarter? Can you define my comprehensive costs and suggest areas for improvement?”
  • In-depth analytics via an interactive chat - Ask for detailed summaries, graphs of your organization’s payments data over time, or measurements for specific data segments. Specify the level of detail desired to save time and increase productivity by asking for what you need, instead of digging for it.
  • Searchable Expertise - Search comprehensive product and payments documentation to find quick answers to complex questions. Pagos Copilot can link to helpful external resources to share with and benefit your broader team.

"We purpose-built Pagos Copilot to address our customers’ biggest pain point: not knowing where to look and how to get started,” said Albert Drouart, CPTO and co-founder of Pagos. “Thanks to advancements in LLM technology, Pagos can combine expertise with the customers’ own data more easily. Copilot is helping companies get ahold of their data, visualize and understand meaningful trends and opportunities, and build viable action plans to make changes that can significantly reduce their payment costs or increase their revenue. ”

Pagos Copilot is currently in a closed Beta. Contact us to request access and learn more about Pagos Copilot.!

About Pagos

Pagos is a 2024 fintech innovation 50 honoree that creates simple tools for complex data so anyone can be a payments expert and drive improved payments performance.

Pagos powers many of the world's leading ecommerce companies including Adobe, Eventbrite, GoFundMe, McAfee, StubHub, Ultra Mobile, and Warner Bros. Discovery (Max) to see, monitor, and use payments data more effectively. The results: increased revenue, and reduced costs and do more with less resources.

Their global team spans nine countries and is backed by Arbor Ventures, Infinity Ventures, Point72 Ventures, Tarsadia, and Underscore VC.


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