Authentic, Accurate Geolocation Data: The Missing Piece in The Chargeback Dispute Puzzle

Elizabeth Cronan -- GeoComply; Jinal Patel -- Accertify; Brigette Korney -- Groupon; Steven Vo -- GeoComply
Jun 07, 2022
As an ecommerce merchant you have felt the pain points, frustration and financial losses that come with the exponential growth in chargeback claims. And the continued growth in ecommerce, coupled with supply chain issues and first party abuse/misuse, have also spurred exponential growth in chargeback claims. While estimates vary, recent data suggests that chargeback claims cost merchants nearly $2.50 for every dollar disputed, collectively causing merchants to lose tens of billions of dollars to chargebacks annually.

Now, imagine a world where a chargeback claim would immediately and automatically be met with precise geolocation data as compelling evidence. Nothing is more compelling than proving that the disputed charge was actually made from the billing address, from the same location and unique device where previously undisputed charges were consistently made, all while connected to the same WiFi network and IP address.

As chargebacks rise domestically and spread globally, merchants must leverage all available data points, including geolocation, to effectively dispute chargeback claims.

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