MRC RAPID Edu Chargeback Essentials

Chargeback Essentials is designed to explain how chargebacks occur, the overall process for reconciling disputes, and key best practices for resolving chargebacks. This course is designed to give new chargeback investigators a solid foundation for their role, and to give eCommerce professionals who are new to risk mitigation a thorough introduction to chargebacks.

The Chargeback Essentials course addresses the following objectives:

  1. Define and summarize chargebacks
  2. Describe chargeback reason codes
  3. Outline the steps in the chargeback process
  4. Differentiate between four common card schemes and common reason codes for each
  5. Define basic chargeback metrics
  6. Describe chargeback monitoring programs and guaranteed solutions
  7. Understand four main reasons chargebacks occur
  8. Explain five ways to prevent chargebacks
The course takes approximately 1.5 - 2 hours to complete. It also includes a final assessment to ensure the learner understands the material. After successfully passing the final assessment, the learner will receive a certificate of completion.

Chargeback Essentials is priced at only $99 for MRC members (plus applicable taxes). Non-members may take the course at the non-member price of $499 (plus applicable taxes). To take the Chargeback Essentials course, please visit the MRC RAPID Edu Registration page.