As an independent, not-for-profit business association, the Merchant Risk Council's mission is to facilitate collaboration between eCommerce payments and risk professionals. Year-round, the MRC provides valuable resources to its members that include proprietary educational content, webinars, best practices, industry trends, benchmarking reports and whitepapers. Building on these benefits, the MRC is proud to introduce a new, on-demand education option called RAPID Edu, which stands for Risk And Payments Industry Development. RAPID Edu courses are web-based, providing users with the flexibility to take courses any time of the day, any day of the year, anywhere in the world. Learners also have the option to complete a portion of a course, then resume the course later at a convenient time.

RAPID Edu Courses

The MRC's first RAPID Edu course, Chargeback Essentials, is now available. The course covers:

  • Introduction to Chargebacks
  • Resolving Chargebacks
  • Chargebacks and Payment Card Schemes
  • Introduction to Chargeback Metrics and Solutions
  • Preventing Chargebacks
As an added member benefit, MRC members receive significantly discounted pricing for RAPID Edu courses. Chargeback Essentials is priced at only $99 for MRC members (plus applicable taxes). Non-members may take the course at the non-member price of $299 (plus applicable taxes).

For more information on the Chargeback Essentials course, please click here. To take the Chargeback Essentials course, please visit the MRC RAPID Edu Registration page.

In summer 2020 the MRC will release its Payment Essentials course, designed to address these key topics:

  • Card-based payments and processing
  • The banking industry, bank payments, and regulations
  • Wallets and mobile wallets
  • Non-card payments
In summer 2020 the MRC will also launch Fraud Essentials, which will cover the following areas:

  • Impact of eCommerce fraud across the ecosystem
  • Account, transaction, and digital footprint data
  • Common fraud patterns
  • Fraud key performance indicators and mitigation best practices


If you have any questions about MRC RAPID Edu, please contact the MRC by filling out the MRC Contact Us form and selecting the RAPID Edu radio button.